J. A. Svercek is a reformed hitman for the KGB who splits his time between feeding ducks and wrestling crocodiles in the Amazon. He is never in one place for more than a second, which throws off his many enemies from his former life. (He also sleeps with one eye open and both legs moving.)

As a child, Svercek performed in a circus as a lion tamer but was forced to retire prematurely after one of his arms was eaten (by the strongman...it was a harsh winter). In recovery, while enjoying his severance package of 10 tonnes of peanuts, Svercek began writing poetry. He later joined a theater troupe as a playwright and part-time set design guy. Eventually, Svercek's involvement with a local politician's daughter incited a hefty bounty, which he escaped by fleeing Croatia for the USSR. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Svercek's time with the KGB is classified (not by the KGB but by the CIA which has borrowed many techniques that he pioneered).

Svercek has no children, but his clone currently lives in South Africa and is unaware of his existence.

Influences [more]
Ray Bradbury
Anton Chekhov
Jeffrey Eugenides
Pablo Neruda

Contemporaries [more]
Yari Beno
Krister Dalhem
Charlotte Kelsey
Julia Wood
Rachel Phillips